About The Scullery

A little taste of edible history.

How it all began…

Having honed her skills in the kitchen for a number of years, Florrie Purcell took the decision to set up The Scullery in 2004, putting a focus on the ever-growing food services industry, supplying restaurants and delis.

Evolved from concepts developed over her Aga as a child helping her mum, Florrie’s true love affair with food began.

It was instantly clear that Florrie had a unique range of products on her hands, oozing with flavour, simplicity and a strong sense of family originating from her childhood.

From 2004 – 2008 Florrie developed this business constantly adding to the range.

The move into retail

The demise of the Celtic Tiger was a very challenging time for all Irish businesses.

Florrie realised that families were eating more at home so, with the invaluable assistance from Bord Bia and her local enterprise office (LEO) Florrie’s journey into retail began.

Her first break came in 2009, when The Scullery range first appeared on Tesco shelves all over Ireland. Then, in 2010 Lidl approached Florrie to develop and make their core range of Deluxe relishes.

As Florrie told the Irish Times, “The association with Lidl has given me credibility and it’s brought me up to the next level”. The move into retail has breathed new life into The Scullery, leading Guinness, one of the world’s largest and most recognisable brands getting in contact with Florrie in 2016.

How appropriate then that a business whose tagline is “a little taste of edible history” would now be producing a unique range of sauces and relishes  containing the world’s oldest stout!


Florrie’s love of good food has led her across three continents, broadening her palate and exposing her to a whole new world of tastes and flavours. She combines the traditional with the cutting edge, from her plum puddings to her tomato, chilli and coriander, all her products are totally free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, MSG or GM ingredients. As Florrie herself says, “In my grandmother’s & mum’s time there were no additives & preservatives, it was all about farm to fork. Food was natural, fresh and tasted wonderful.” 


One of the highest accolades any business can achieve is to be recognised and awarded by their peers. Over the years The Scullery has been successful in every food competition in the country and has tasted success abroad as well.

Awards that The Scullery have received include:

• Blas na hEireann National Irish Food Awards 2009-2020 including Best in County in 2020

• Great Taste Award Gold 2009 – 2019

• Irish Quality Food Awards 2018

• Irish Quality Food Awards 2014

• Irish Quality Food Awards 2013 Christmas Award


Operating for over 15 years

100% Natural

No additives, preservatives
or colours used.


In small quantities with Love

The Future

Family has been always being important to Florrie, especially her son David who has grown up alongside The Scullery and has a keen interest in all things foodie.

The slogan coined for The Scullery by Vinny O Brien, David’s Godfather is “A little taste of edible history”,  and Florrie intends to continue to make history for many years to come!

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