Gold for The Scullery’s Guinness Sticky Onion Marmalade

Guinness Sticky Onion Marmalade

The Scullery is delighted that its Guinness Sticky Onion Marmalade has been awarded a Gold at the 2020 Blas Na HEireann / Irish Food Awards.

Often dubbed the Oscars of Irish food, Blas na hÉireann, the Irish Food Awards, are the largest food awards on the island, open to all 32 counties.

The biggest blind tasting of produce in the country, the criteria on which the product is judged as well as the judging system itself, which was developed by Blas na hÉireann with the Food Science Dept of UCC and the University of Copenhagen, is now recognised as an industry gold standard worldwide. Products entered are blind-tasted, meaning that all packaging and identifying features are removed from products before being presented for judging, creating a level playing field for products from both large and small producers. Judges come from a range of food backgrounds from chefs to restaurateurs, academics, journalists, authors, food champions, caterers and enthusiastic home cooks.

The Guinness Sticky Onion Marmalade is one of 4 products that The Scullery makes for the iconic Irish brand. The full range comprises:

Guiness Wholegrain Mustard, Guinness Tangy Chutney, Guinness Forest Fruits Jam and the award winning Guinness Sticky Onion Marmalade.

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